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5 Habits To Live By For Minimalist Living


1. Downsize and live with less. This means designing a life that is less focused on material possessions. A minimalist lifestyle is about whittling down the things you own to the barest essentials thus making room for the more important things in life.

2. Buy less. People who live as minimalists practice buying fewer things that tend to accumulate and just end up as clutter. Instead, they focus on reusing, recycling, and borrowing as needed.

3. Choose experiences over material things. Minimalists are the type of people who are mostly likely to spend on travel than the latest gadget or car. They are also the ones who can fairly easily uproot themselves from one place. With little possessions to dispose or worry about, they can quickly move about if they wish to. This gives a certain level of freedom that not many people can enjoy because of much material stuff to deal with and worry about.

4. Do less. Minimalist living encompasses all aspects of life. Those who embrace the lifestyle apply the principle to their goals. They choose to do less by focusing on their most important goals.

5. Pursue the things that matter most. Minimalists create the space they need to pursue their dreams and passions. Living with less — from workloads to personal belongings – allows them the freedom to do the things they love.