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5 Inspirational TED Talks on Downsizing and Living with Less

Whether you are exploring the idea of embracing a minimalist lifestyle or simply thinking of downsizing your possessions, these TED Talks will inspire you to start living with less.

1. Andrew Morrison: Tiny House Movement

Key takeaway: A tiny house designed to meet all the basic needs without the excesses provide more space and freedom for a happier life.

2. Angela Horn: The less you own, the more you have

Key takeaway: Owning less makes space for the most important things. Not to mention the time and freedom it gives to pursue the things you love.

3. Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

Key takeaway: Living with less and everything that entails makes it easier to find the negative space that makes for a more fulfilling life.

4. Grant Blakeman: Minimalism — for a more full life

Key takeaway: Minimalism offers a life changing opportunity to keep life simple, more effective, and less complicated.

5. Mark Boyle: The moneyless man

Key takeaway: Living without money or as cash-free as possible is not impossible. Freeconomy Community founder Mark Boyle shares insights about money and his experiences as he tried to survive living without it for years.